Interracial retro sex in “Faithless Companions”

Name: Faithless Companions

Country: United States

Director: Gary Graver

Year: 1993

Duration: 85 min

Language: English

Actress: Heather Hart,Brigitte Aime,Devon Shire

Actors: Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Sean Michaels,Kris Newz

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Dominique Bouche : Interracial retro sex

Dominique Bouche : Interracial retro sex

Name: Nasty Nymphos 2

Director: Christopher Alexander

Duration: 138 min

Country: United States

Year: 1994

Language: English

Actors: Tom Byron,Tony Tedeschi,Mark Davis,Julian St. Jox,Dick Nasty,Steve Hatcher

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Actress: Dominique Bouche,Whitney Banks,Wednesday,Chanel,Axinia,Genevieve LeFleur

Dominique Bouche : Interracial retro sex

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Samantha Fox – Interracial retro sex

Samantha Fox - Interracial retro sex

Name: Blue Ecstasy In New York

Director: Kemal Horulu

Country: United States

Year: 1980

Language: English

Duration: 97 min

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Actress: Samantha Fox,Candida Royalle,Lesllie Bovee,Christine DeShaffer,Veri Knotty

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Eric Edwards,Robert Bolla,Bobby Astor,George Payne,Alan Adrian,Michael Gaunt

Samantha Fox - Interracial retro sex

Ebony Humpers 3 was originally released in 1987, featuring all of the above cast except Charisma and Sunset, and also featuring a scene with Lisa Anne (different girl from Lisa Ann ) and Frank James. Apparently, Leisure Time put out 3 versions (at least) of this flick: The original 1987 release; the 1993 version with Charisma & Sunset added on; and this version that I have, which doesn’t have the Lisa Anne/Frank James scene, but still includes Charisma & Sunset.


Eva Orlowsky – Interracial retro sex

Name: Streghe di Darasch

Director: Titti De Giulio

Duration: 96 min

Country: Italy

Year: 1994

Language: Italian

Actors: Francesco Malcom,Silvio Evangelista,Jack Dakar,Paolo Rinot,Maurizio Spaventa,Antony Lobianco

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Actress: Eva Orlowsky,Francesca Ray,Francesca Land

Eva Orlowsky - Interracial retro sex


Vintage french porn pics – “Deux slips ami-ami”

Name: Deux slips ami-ami

Year: 1976

Language: French

Duration: 81 min


Country: France

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Cyril Val,Carmelo Petix

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Liliane Lemieuvre,Lucie Doll,Claude Janna,Myriam Benzerti,Suzanne Brismich

Categories: Vintage french porn pics, 1976, France, French, Cathy Stewart, Liliane Lemieuvre, Lucie Doll, Claude Janna, Myriam Benzerti, Suzanne Brismich, Richard Lemieuvre, Cyril Val, Carmelo Petix

Jacques lives with his girlfriend (Liliane Lemieuvre) and her girl (Fr?d?rique – Cathy Stewart) lives with them. The film opens with his coming home from work at night. He seems to be an airline pilot. He encounters Fr?d?rique who is still up. He tells her to go to bed and joins his relaxing girlfriend who wakes up and starts making love to him once he is arelax. Next door, the young girl listens to whats going on and it obviously turns her on. The next morning, while her girl is in the kitchen, Fr?d?rique joins Jacques in his bedroom and makes it clear she wants more than just family bonds. But things wont go further than a blowjob as the girl comes back and prepares herself for the day. He tells her hes got an appointment in the afternoon, but we understand hes going to see the girl who happens not to have school that day…