Interracial porn movies vintage : “Sulka’s Wedding”

Name: Sulka’s Wedding

Language: English

Director: Mike Stryker

Year: 1983

Country: United States

Duration: 147 min

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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Craig Roberts,Paul Barresi,Jennifer Thomas,Mischievous Misty,Jamie Ling,Misty Williams,R.F. Burns

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Tigr,Sulka

One Sex filled Wedding No one would want to miss.


Lonnie Lee fuck in “Decadence”

Name: Decadence

Director: Richard Mahler

Language: English

Year: 1988

Duration: 133 min

Country: United States

Actors: Joey Silvera,George Payne,David Ruby,Michael Gaunt,Jack Hammer,Ken Dahl,Jack Hammer

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Actress: Taija Rae,Tish Ambrose,Carol Cross,Barbie Doll,Barbie Dahl,Cassandra Leigh,Ashley West,Lonnie Lee

This is a unique supernatural, supersexual fantasy about a sex world taken over by VIDEO. A television that shows nothing but porn. It’s a magnetic, erotic excursion into the minds and acts of video controlled porn stars.