Martine Grimaud porn : “Belles d’un soir”

Name: Belles d’un soir

Year: 1977

Duration: 77 min

Director: Claude Mulot

Country: France

Language: French

Actors: Alban Ceray,Dominique Aveline,Hubert Geral,John Oury,Herve Amalou,Tony Morena,Guy Bonnafoux,Louison Boutin,Gilles Karl

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Actress: Brigitte Lahaie,Martine Grimaud,Veronique Maugarski,Katia Heimerton

Martine, Mimi and Doris have had enough of providing for their slacker boyfriends. They decide to rent a place of their own, as well as a manservant. Soon, their newfound decadent lifestyles causes them to lose their respective jobs, and the manservant flees because of sexual harassment. Therefore the girls decide to start a private brothel.


Classic porn 70 – “Taste of Bette”

Name: Taste of Bette

Director: Art Ben

Year: 1977

Duration: 55 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Marlene Willoughby,Pola Black,Leslie Lamour

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Actors: Eric Edwards,Russ Carlson,David Williams

It’s the implementation of plan “R”!…whatever the hell that is! Join hardcore heavyweights Shaun Costello and Eric Edwards in the deprogramming of two sizzling sex drones!