Retro porn black in “Golden Girls”

Name: Golden Girls

Language: English

Year: 1983

Duration: 80 min

Director: Alan Vydra

Country: United States

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Actors: John Leslie,Jamie Gillis,Billy Dee,Peter Bent,Rick Ardo,Beverly Hills,William Lowen

Actress: Shauna Grant,Rachael Ashley,Tina Ronie,Rosa Lee Kimball,Adrienne Bellaire,Blackstar,Debbie Cole

Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants aren’t judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! And imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Every girl in Miss Fantasy is an incredible beauty. It’s more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic!


Retro porn black in “Girls of the Third Reich”

Name: Girls of the Third Reich

Year: 1989

Country: United States

Duration: 81 min

Director: Joseph De Ruyter

Language: English

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Actress: Mindy Rae,Athena Star,Duschca,Jade Nichols,Pam Cox,Fantasia Jones,Maria Rosenthal

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Francois,Sunny Glick,Damien Wolf,Mark Harris,Jeff Scott,Sergio Iglesias


Retro porn black – “XTV 2”

Name: XTV 2


Year: 1989

Duration: 68 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Peter North,Tom Byron,Jerry Butler

Actress: Candie Evens,Nikki Charm,Blondie Bee,Jacqueline Lorains,Sahara,Nikki Randall

Categories: Retro porn black, 1989, United States, English, Candie Evens, Nikki Charm, Blondie Bee, Jacqueline Lorains, Sahara, Nikki Randall, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Tom Byron, Jerry Butler, Black

Combining the hottest licks of rock and the nastiest sex this side of Mick’s dressing room, this movie slides you right into the groove as some of the greatest erotic superstars shake their booty and other things to the heat of the pounding beat!Your host, Rockin’ Ron, has all the moves down as he exposes you to the in’s and out’s of the rhythm and blues! If down and dirty is what you’ve craved, front row center is what we’ve saved! ROCK ON!


Mireille Renaud free porn in “High Rise”

Name: High Rise

Year: 1972

Duration: 65 min

Country: United States

Director: Danny Stone

Language: English

Categories: Mireille Renaud free porn, 1972, United States, English, Danny Stone, Darby Lloyd Rains, Arlana Blue, Cindy West, Patrice DeBauer, Geri Miller, Tamie Trevor, Jutta David, Mireille Renaud, Sylvia Beenenfeld, Stephanie Skura, Ilse Epple, Rita Bennett, Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Guy Thomas, John Clemens, Sam Ellis, Dave Heenan, Lesbian

Actress: Darby Lloyd Rains,Arlana Blue,Cindy West,Patrice DeBauer,Geri Miller,Tamie Trevor,Jutta David,Mireille Renaud,Sylvia Beenenfeld,Stephanie Skura,Ilse Epple,Rita Bennett

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Harry Reems,Marc Stevens,Guy Thomas,John Clemens,Sam Ellis,Dave Heenan

Tamie Trevor is having a tough time with her sex life so her doctor recommends that she have some adventures. Her apartment hopping in search of the same provides the premise, as she wanders through the high rise meeting both interesting … Full Descriptionand oddball characters. The three way lesbian scene is 1st rate, as is the scene with Harry Reems, forever memorable in an engineers hat playing with his elaborate train sets. French actress Marielle Renaud appeared in a number of American films and John Clemens (De-vil in Miss Jones) plays Tamie’s husband.