Tube 1970 swinger wife in “Baby Blue”

Name: Baby Blue

Year: 1978

Duration: 82 min

Language: German

Country: France

Director: Francis Leroi

Actors: Dominique Irissou,Michel de Nyokinos,Claude Valmont,Claude Montal

Categories: Tube 1970 swinger wife, 1978, France, German, Francis Leroi, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Jenny Feeling, Muriel White, Marie-Christine Guennec, Edwige Faillel, Dominique Irissou, Michel de Nyokinos, Claude Valmont, Claude Montal

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Diane Dubois,Jenny Feeling,Muriel White,Marie-Christine Guennec,Edwige Faillel

Here is a Pretty Decent Piece of Classic Porn.Baby Blue – (1978)aka Madelaine Susses Luder aka Lucky Lass (Canadian distributor retitle?)aka Madelaine Susses Luder aka Lucky Lass (Canadian distributor retitle?)Detailed info/story line were hard to find both by myself and the Torrent Guys.What or why I liked this flick is due to Cathy Stewart aka Cathy GreinerWho was one of the Hottest French Classic Queens She know doubt is in my Top Ten….This might not be here best flick but, But her opening scene wearing Mickey Mouse ears, sucking on a lollipop and reading a book…. for any Classic Fan well worth the DL time


Krista Lane actress : “Bitches of Westwood”

Name: Bitches of Westwood

Country: United States

Year: 1988

Director: Henri Pachard

Language: English

Duration: 144 min

Actress: Krista Lane,Sharon Kane,Ona Z,Alexa Park

Actors: John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Henri Pachard,Jon Martin,Robert Bullock

Categories: Krista Lane actress, 1988, United States, English, Henri Pachard, Krista Lane, Sharon Kane, Ona Z, Alexa Park, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Henri Pachard, Jon Martin, Robert Bullock, Facial, Interracial, Black

Three women, not quite satisfied with their boyfriends sack-skills, summon a sexy porn star to sauce things up, and things do get sauced.6 sexy erotic scenes, with devilish hardcore sex.Stretch out your pointy tail, get your fork up a willing ass, and enjoy.